Sofie Eliasson is a freelance Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist based in Gothenburg and south of Sweden.

She's been working with multiple productions within film, commercial campaigns, corporate interviews, live streaming in studio, music videos and photography projects. 

She specialises in a natural, fresh looking skin that works beautifully on camera, wheather it's outside or in a studio setup, for film or editorial fashion shoots. 

Email for business inquiries and collaborations



ViaPlay Group, Warner Music Group, Cooper & Gorfer, Skanska, Memira Eyecenter, Zeekr, Dreamhack, SEBAGO, Volvo, ETON, Stena Line, Optinova, Smartline, Liseberg, GP Led lamps, Tork, Zcooly, Tena, Tena Men, Axactor, Holtab, Nordic Wellness, Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri, Gothia Towers Upper House, WHO (public announcement Dr. Michelle Bachelet), Högskolan Halmstad, GAFFA, Etage överby, Textilhögskolan Borås, Parkering Göteborg, Volvia, Lin Education, Essity

Full Film List


Sockerexperimentet, Director: John Thornblad (2023), Makeup Design/Key Makeup Artist/SFX

The Deserter, Director: John Thornblad (2022), Key Makeup Artist

Are We Lost Forever, Director: David Färdmar (2020), Assistant Makeup Artist


Tystnad, Director: Andreas Mortensen & Johanna Smitz (post prod.), Makeup Design/Makeup Artist/SFX 

Valhallabadet, Director: Omar Dogan (2022), Makeup Design/Makeup Artist

Between These Folded Walls, Utopia, Directors: Sarah Cooper & Nina Gorfer (2021), Key Makeup Artist

Writers Block, Director: Jimmy Scott (2020), Makeup Design/Makeup Artist

Shower Boys, Director: Christian Zetterberg (2020), Makeup Design/Makeup Artist

Män & Mensspray, Director: Johanna Valero (2020), Makeup Design/Makeup Artist

Grisen från Turkiet, Director: Tuna Özer (2020), Makeup Design/Makeup Artist

Natten Är Ung, Director: Oliver Mörk, (2019), Makeup Design/Makeup Artist

Gretas Bed & Breakfast, Director: Elisabeth Seth Rippe (2019), Makeup Design/Makeup Artist

Love Thy Neighbour, Director: Amanda Aagard & Alexander Toma (2019), Makeup Artist

Den Gula Jackan, Director: Andreas Mortensen (2019), Makeup Artist

Baltzar Von Platen, Director: Elin Iderbrand (2019), Key Makeup Artist

Gro X, Director: Victor Von Schirach (2018), Key Makeup Artist

Skådespelerskan, Director: Victor Nygård, Makeup Design/Makeup Artist

Commercial / In House

Vilding Filmproduktion, 2023

ICA Sverige Reklam, Skönhet 2022

Einride 2022, Client: Einride, Production Company: SkipRope Production Netherlands

Zeekr Design Video 2022,  Client: Zeekr, Production Company: Lucky Punk

Bico Manifesto 2021, Production Company: IsThisIt

AccZero 2021, Client: Volvo, Production Company: Oddway

Generation Stryket 2021, Client: Stryktipset, Production Company: IsThisIt (Assistant Makeupartist)

Making a Better Mark 2021, Client: Tena, Production Company: Melonia Productions

Smart Care Indicator 2020, Client: Tena, Production Company: Oddway

Lights 2020, Client: Tena, Production Company: Oddway

Otinova Öronspray 2020, Client: Otinova, Production company: Oddway

Red Rose 2020, Client: Tena, Production Company: Oddway

Secret 2020, Client: Tena, Production Company: Oddway

Stena Line Safety Video 2019, Client: Stena Line, Production Company: Oddway

Lys upp livet 1 2019, Client: GP Led Lamps, Production Company: Oddway

Lys upp livet 2 2019, Client: GP Led Lamps, Production Company: Oddway

Jul på Liseberg 2019, Christmas Campaign, Client: Liseberg, Production Company: Oddway

Julbord, Client: Stena Line 2019, Production Company: Oddway

Smartline belysning 2019, Client: Smartline Sweden, Production Company: Oddway

Nordic Wellness workout video 2019, Client Nordic Wellness Gym, Production Company: Silverbullet Film

Parkering Göteborg 2019, Production Company: Noor Studios

Sleepwell 2019, Client: Tena, Production Company: Oddway

For Generations to Come 2019, Client: Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri, Production Company: Gråklippan

Tork 2019, Client: Essity, Production Company: Oddway

Tjat 2019, Client: Zcooly, Production Company: Happy Visuals

Mjukvaruskolan 2019, Client: Volvia, Production Company: Silverbullet Film

Loops 2019, Lin Education

Zcooly 2018, Production Company: Silverbullet Film

Gothia Towers Sara 2018, Production Company: Silverbullet Film

Gothia Towers Roberta 2018, Production Company: Silverbullet Film

Gothia Towers 2018, Production Company: Silverbullet Film

Music Video

Paul Bäcklin - Amber

Pacific Waves - Caroline

Erica Jonsson - Rainbow Cowgirl

SYLVE - Låtsas Som Inget Hänt

Smith & Thell - Forgive Me Friend (Acoustic Version)

Two Year Vacation - Don't Wanna Go Home

NOTD & Shy Martin - Keep You Mine (Acoustic Version)

Christopher - Monogamy (Acoustic Version, THE EYE)

Christopher - Irony (Acoustic Version, THE EYE)

Anne Marie - 2002 (Acoustic Version, THE EYE)

Anne Marie - Perfect To Me (Acoustic Version, THE EYE)

Dismissed - Lonely Way To Die

Chugger  - Grinder

Aurelia Dey - Kul

Aurelia Dey - Dancehall Cypher


Dreamhack/ESL, Twitch Productions (2018 - present)

Metro Esport Awards 2018

Drama Queen, Director: Alexander Lönn (tv-series pilot, 2019)

WHO Public Announcement (Dr. Michelle Bachelet, 2018)


Boligkøb i blinde, Mads, poster Photoshoot 2022 for ViaPlay

Skanska, Campaign Photoshoot 2022

Memira Eyecenter, Portrait Photoshoot 2022

Liberalerna Göteborg, Campaign Photoshoot 2022

My Dentist, Campaign Photoshoot 2022

Sparc Group, Portrait Photoshoot 2021

ETON, 2020, Styling Assistant for Stylist Richard A. Andersson 

SEBAGO, Summer Campaign 2020

BLOOM, Art Project, Photographer Annie Hyrefeldt

The Female Eye, Art Project, Photographer Anna Thorbjörnsson

Between These Folded Walls - Utopia, Art Project,  Photographers Cooper & Gorfer 2018-2020


Cooper & Gorfer

  Between These Folded Falls - Utopia, Fotografiska New York    2020-2021

                                                                       Fotografiska Stockholm 2021-2022

                                                                       Fotografiska Tallin           2022

Magazine & Publications

Quarantine Queen / The Female Eye, Photography book by Anna W Thorbjörnsson 2021

Kamera & Bild, The Female Eye, Photographer Anna W Thorbjörnsson 2019

Etage Överby Christmas/New Year edition, magazine 2019

Shawati Magazine, Utopia with Cooper & Gorfer 2019 

GAFFA portrait of Henrik Berggren 2017


Västsvenska artister mot cancer 2022

Memira Conference 2022

Spring Inspiration, Fashion Show 2017

Nordiska Textilakademin, Fashion Show 2017

Go:Baow, Dance Performance Group 2016

Ljuva Toner 2016


Certified Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist, Makeupstudion Education, Gothenburg Sweden 2016-2017